Run or Walk to Your First 5K Finish Line


Introducing the all new 

Big Fit Girl 5K training program.

A 12 week online training program to get you

walking or running across the finish line

Walk or Run to a 5K Finish

One Time Payment

$ 49.99 USD

Why is BFG 5K Different to Other Training Programs?

  • We start you off with a conditioning phase to get your body used to running before you start the 5K schedule.

  • Our intervals start less aggressively than other learn to run programs

  • We tackle mindset, as the 5K distance is partly a mind-game. Most other programs don’t include training for mental fitness.

  • Our content is specifically designed for athletes who are running our walking in larger bodies, we know what this feels like!

  • We empower our members to embrace the bodies they have by creating a body-positive environment.

  • We understand that approaching fitness can be difficult and even counter-cultural if you don’t fit the “typical” stereotype of an athlete. We coach you to own who you are, every step of the way!

Run or Walk to Your 5K Finish Line

A sample of what the program offers:

12 Life Changing Weeks!

Run Down Your Dreams

One Time Payment

$ 49.99 USD