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No Diets. No Shame. No Gym Intimidation. No Trainers Who Don't Get It. No Crazy Workouts. No Judgement. No Pressure to Push your Limits. No "Bikini season is coming." No Size Discrimination. Just Absolute Support from People Who Get YOU!

Big Fit Girl: Unleashed

A 6-week online fitness program for women ready to Unleash their inner athlete! 

  • 17 Progressive workouts for every body size, from beginner to advanced fitness levels

  • Daily support by a trainer who has been there and understands YOU!

  • Step by step guidance on how to start your fitness journey and stick with it 

  • A counter cultural fitness program with no diets

  • Mindset coaching so you can be free and happy in the body you have now!

  • 15 transformational coaching videos complete with live coaching calls

  • 9 modules to help you unleash your inner athlete

  • A secure, uplifting and welcoming global community

Are you tired of feeling alone and dealing with a fitness culture that doesn't understand you? Are you done with your stop/start relationship with fitness? Do you feel pressure to conform your body to a smaller version of yourself? Do you fear unattainable fitness programs that leave you feeling unsuccessful or injured? I was too - THAT is why I created Unleashed. You deserve to feel healthy, fit, empowered and energized in the body you have right now!

​You Will Learn...

  • How you can conquer your fitness fears

  • How you can make yourself a priority

  • How you can draw boundaries for yourself

  • How you can ditch diet mentality for good

  • How you can find freedom from food

  • How you can engage in fitness in a sustainable way without "all or nothing" behaviour

  • How you can master your workouts in a way that works for your body

  • How you can change your lifestyle and embrace the body you have

  • The FIVE KEY INGREDIENTS to sustainable fitness and Unleashing your inner athlete for LIFE

Ready to Unleash your inner athlete in just 6 weeks?

The fitness industry's current practices do not educate trainers in dealing with size diversity. This often results in negative experiences, that is why I created Unleashed. Let me turn your negative fitness experiences into a positive ones.

About Your Coach

Louise Green

Coach / Trainer / Author / Advocate

Louise Green is an award winning, Master Trainer with over 10 years experience working with plus-size women. She is also the celebrated author of the ground-breaking book Big Fit Girl. Louise understands that not only do plus-size women feel uninvited into fitness culture but they experience an extreme amount of pressure to conform their body size to a smaller version of themselves. How does she know this? Because she is also plus-size and has had thousands of conversations with clients, ad makers, fitness educators and medical professionals as she surges to change how our culture treats plus-size women in wellness spaces. Upon this premise, she designed her program Big Fit Girl: Unleashed to offer women a safe place to find their inner athlete without the pressures of diet culture, gym intimidation and shame. 

There are no boundaries. Hundreds of Women have Unleashed with me from around the world.

Join the global movement.

You Can UNLEASH your inner athlete in 6 weeks

One-Time Payment

$257 USD

Payment Plan

$96 USD

Every 2 weeks for 3 Payments

“Big Fit Girl: Unleashed pushes you the perfect amount – to go harder, faster & lift heavier but without injury or making you feel negative about yourself.”



"I really enjoyed the accessible, progressive workout videos...the supportive community and all the direction from Louise as a coach."




"Unleashed is totally complete with the perfect combination of inspiration, motivation and challenges!"



"You can go at your own pace but still get all the help and support from Louise and the community. Doing this program from Australia, I realize this program is truly global."



 I am so grateful for this program it has taught me so much. It's given me the confidence to go out and do things I want to do without letting my size hold me back. And it has completely altered my view of exercise/movement from one of torture and punishment to a joyful way to connect with myself (and others) and my body. Unleashed was life changing and I'm so happy I did it




"This program was life-changing for me and the first time I've ever been consistent in an exercise regime, before and after the program"



You can Unleash for just

One-Time Payment

$257 USD

Payment Plan

$96 USD

Every 2 weeks for 3 Payments

Less than $6/day

Week One: Getting Started

Week Two: Getting Into The Groove

Week Two has a focus on getting into the groove of scheduling workouts and checking them off. In the second week we cover ditching diet-culture mentality and negative thinking. Enjoy a 1 hour group coaching call with Louise Green on Week Two’s relevant topics. Challenge yourself with Week Two’s workout (or stick with Week One) and start to build on your fitness. Learn about the Cost of Comparison and Mastering Fear. Create your own Power-statement that is your mantra to live by.

Week Three: Emerging Athlete

Week Four: Own It

Week Five: You're Killing It

Week Six: You Have Unleashed

Post Program

Ready to try it for yourself?


Stop wasting your money on diets that don't work. Invest in a program that has been proven to help you change your mindset and Unleash your inner athlete in the body you have NOW!

Louise has appeared on and in media around the world